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Online lessons

I have been an English teacher for a few years. In the beginning, I conducted lessons in classrooms with the use of traditional teaching methods. With time, I realized that most exercises, activities and even games can be successfully moved to the virtual reality. At present I conduct classes only on the Internet by means of Skype, Google Hangouts and Webex. Thanks to the new technology, both me and my students save time which would have to be spent on commuting. Additionally, everyone feels more comfortable in their own home, which has a positive influence on the class atmosphere and stimulates the teaching / learning process.


Teaching methods

I am in favour of the communicative method, which covers elements of various techniques. Thanks to the variety of tasks, the effectiveness of teaching increases and I am able to focus the attention of each student, regardless of their abilities, perception and learning style. Such classes are also more interesting. I prepare a Power Point presentation for each lesson. I conduct classes based on this presentation, sharing my screen with a student. And after they finish, I send the material, which is a great compendium for revision.


Business English Courses

Business, economic and financial courses are the main part of my activity. It is related to my education and career. Apart from English philology and English teaching methodology, I graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and I used to work in banks, multinationals and one ministry. I am interested in economic affairs and business.

Courses that I offer are varied: their main theme entirely depends on student's needs. These can be classes preparing for BEC, ICFE or other exams, lessons which are to be helpful in an English speaking corporation, teaching only speaking or mainly writing and creating documents. Course curriculums usually include general English topics, which are useful in case of small talks.

I especially recommend the course entitled "English presentations and meetings" which aims to prepare students for public presentations and addresses in English. It concerns presentations and talks as well as formal or working meetings. In this case, I also customize the material according to what my students deal with. They can be internal meetings or very formal presentations at international organizations' meetings, where it is important to know diplomatic English.


Language Coaching

Coaching steps in every field of our lives. It also settled in teaching foreign languages. In this domain, coaching is fully justified because of the character of learning a language. It involves not only memorising but also practical development of speaking and writing. The long duration of this process requires a great motivation from a student.

Language coaching elements are present in all my courses but for those who would like to get to know their learning and memorising abilities, and to work on their motivation, which finally leads to gaining self-dependence in the process of language learning, I have a special course lasting 4 hours (4x60 minutes). The course is addressed to adults who speak English at least at level B1. The curriculum includes among other things:

It is a highly customised course of the character of coaching sessions. Its main objective is to make a student a self-dependent learner and to increase the effectiveness of his/her further English learning. All meetings are run only in English.


English Courses for Adults and Teenagers

The courses usually cover levels from A2 and above. They concern students from secondary schools and adults. I prepare them for the following exams: PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS and others. In case of school and university students, I particularly pay attention to the development of all four language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing because of numerous English exams that the students will have to take in the course of their education. During examination courses, it is important to do tests. I usually give them as homework, which I later correct and give feedback to my students.


English Courses for Children

Children can also learn via the Internet. My experience shows that the screen and what is shown on it focus student's attention for longer. At the same time the voice contact with a teacher makes the child concentrate on learning a language. Individual lessons are highly effective and children are eager to revise the material from a presentation, which is always visually attractive.


Polish for Foreigners

Polish courses are addressed to foreigners who want to learn this language and to Polish children who live abroad and have a limited contact with the Polish language.


Duration and Prices of Lessons

My lessons usually last 60 minutes, and in case of children - 30 minutes. Yet it happens that I meet my student for 15 minutes because they want to work on something very important but not time-consuming, or we make our meeting longer because we feel like working longer.

That's why the price for a minute is the basis for billing.

English / Polish
for Special Purposes
(including business and finance)
English / Polish
Language Coaching
PLN 1.50 per minutePLN 1.20 per minutePLN 250 for 4 lessons of 60 minutes each


How to Pay for Classes

You can make payments by:
- a wire transfer in my company account:

         Linguistic Atelier Barbara Jasińska
          74 1020 1127 0000 1902 0201 0981    (PKO BP);

- PayPal.

I especially encourage you to use PayPal. You can find out more about this system here:


Cancelling Classes

You can cancel your classes even in the last moment without consequences.

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